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About Jackie Pants Art

Hi, I'm Jackie Pants (pronouns she/her). I am a queer Artist based in South Frontenac County in Ontario, Canada. I am originally from Montréal, Québec and moved to Ontario when I was 26. I lived in Toronto before getting tired of the grind and settling down north of Kingston in my rural haven with my partner, toddler and my many animal friends. I was always interested in pursuing art and always had my hands on something creative but have never been formally trained. I have spent almost a decade working in the social services doing work ranging from homelessness, housing, VAW work, substance use, mental health and working with queer youth.   I started my current style of drawing while on Maternity leave in 2017. I am now selling prints of my unique detailed pen drawings and am open to commissioned work. My works have been featured at the YGK Queer Art Show 2019 and YGK Women’s Art Show 2020. I currently spend my days parenting and hustling in the social services, and am passionate about art, music, spirituality, and energy healing.